C++ Developer

Areas of Expertise

I have fours years of hobbyist C++ experience:

  • server side: Boost::ASIO and Boost::Beast
  • client side: Qt and Unreal Engine 5

I'm building a note-taking app that grows a game world as you type notes and link them together.

The app is built on Qt, and is currently running on iOS, Android, Linux, macOS, and Windows.

The app is peer-to-peer, using my own minimal libp2p implementation built on top of Qt primitives such as QNetworkManager, QUDPSocket, and QTCPSocket.

What does a typical project look like for me?

A client typically comes to me with a concrete problem that they need a solution for, which we quickly solve.

But after that initial victory, it becomes clear that many of these projects lack technical leadership, architecture, and an overall plan to accomplish their goal in the market.

That's where my leadership and creativity come in:

  • I recommend low-hanging fruit to improve the product using the existing state-of-the-art packages
  • I audit the current architechture, and draft a plan to build only the infrastructure that we need to move forward, while plugging existing holes
  • I install processes and project management to track our tech progress and provide visibilty for the stake holders

Case Study: Text Writing app

This is a Qt front-end: it's peer-to-peer, so there is no backend. The client has the ability to run on multiple platforms, including a "headless" mode where you can run it on a server, sync over the Internet, and have a convenient node to run backups and reports.

What unique problems did this client face?

  • No libp2p implementation currently exists built on top of Qt primitives
  • The build process for Qt on multiple platforms using the command line and Vim is somewhat mysterious
  • The UI needs to be unique, to offer something more that the hundreds of half-baked writing apps already out there

What did I do to solve these problems?

  • I built a minimal libp2p implementation on top of Qt, using the spec
  • I built a novel MapView that replaces the usual TreeView interfaces, and added the novel feature of a procedurally-generated game world based off your notes
  • I compiled and ran the app on every platform from the very beginning of development, to ensure every platform is a first-class citizen

What outcomes are you looking for?

I have worked with developers all over the world, of many different skill levels and companies, and I'd rate my skill in the top 5%. On pure competence alone, this will prevent your business from being damaged by technical problems or lingering architectural flaws.