Senior JavaScript Developer

Areas of Expertise

I have ten years of professional JavaScript experience:

  • server side: Express, Apollo, Sequelize
  • client side: React/Next.JS, Vue/Nuxt 3, React Native

I started my JavaScript career in 2011, when the world was still excited about NodeJs, Grunt, and Gulp.

I've been around the block, working in nearly every JS tech stack you can imagine, on every platform, with nearly every type of company.


What does a typical project look like for me?

A client typically comes to me with a concrete problem that they need a solution for, which we quickly solve.

But after that initial victory, it becomes clear that many of these projects lack technical leadership, architecture, and an overall plan to accomplish their goal in the market.

That's where my leadership and creativity come in:

  • I recommend low-hanging fruit to improve the product using the existing state-of-the-art packages
  • I audit the current architechture, and draft a plan to build only the infrastructure that we need to move forward, while plugging existing holes
  • I install processes and project management to track our tech progress and provide visibilty for the stake holders

Case Study: Logistics App

This was a React app that tied together a complicated web of microservices hosted on Google Cloud Platform. The back-end services would query gas station pricing and delivery systems, and then formulate a linear regression model to predict fuel prices, which the shipper could use to negotiate a better contract with their frieght carrier.


What unique problems did this client face?

  • The app's architecture was extremely complicated, due to different microservices being added with different techology by different individuals, some of whom had moved on
  • The high stakes of the project led to a contractor environment that was secretive, hostile, and focused on removing blame from yourself, rather than building the product
  • The technical leadership constantly called for rewrites of major systems, using new JavaScript libraries they were inexperienced with

What did I do to solve these problems?

  • Initially, I was contracted to solve a performance issue, due to components and sub-components constantly re-rendered
  • I individually contacted each contractor on the team, had them walk me through the setup of their particular part of the system, and wrote that down in an onboarding document for the future
  • I weathered the new library changes with patience, re-writing existing forms that were working, and recommending simple improvements to avoid the need for a rewrite

What outcomes are you looking for?

Sometimes your problem is technical, and I've got you covered--I'd rate my skill in the top 5%, industry-tested in the toughest projects this world has to offer.

Sometimes your problem is deeper than that, and that needs specific skills to handle that too--patience, understanding, and a willingness to drive the product forward, no matter which roadblocks are put in my path.