Senior Python Developer

Areas of Expertise

I have five years of professional Python experience:

  • server side: FastAPI and Django
  • client side: PyQt5, React, and Vue

I've done everything from building web-based banking systems for early-stage startups, to reverse-engineering, to developing plugins for existing Python applications.

I have worked with Python developers all over the world: Germany, Ukraine, Columbia, and of course developers all over the United States.


What does a typical project look like for me?

A client typically comes to me with a concrete problem that they need a solution for, which we quickly solve.

But after that initial victory, it becomes clear that many of these projects lack technical leadership, architecture, and an overall plan to accomplish their goal in the market.

That's where my leadership and creativity come in:

  • I recommend low-hanging fruit to improve the product using the existing state-of-the-art packages
  • I audit the current architechture, and draft a plan to build only the infrastructure that we need to move forward, while plugging existing holes
  • I install processes and project management to track our tech progress and provide visibilty for the stake holders

Case Study: Employee Donations App

This was a Django app with a de-coupled Vue front-end that allowed companies to set up a system for their employees to donate to each other, during times of financial stress. Donating in this way allowed the employees to write off the amounts from their taxes, and create an internal culture of support, in case they ever needed financial help.


What unique problems did this client face?

  • The app needed to be white-label, so that employees saw the branding and did the workflow of each individual company when they hit the site
  • They were looking to close clients in countries like Japan and South Korea, which required a very robust system for handling multiple languages and translators
  • Due to above, they also needed a predicable, globally-available system to deploy to

What did I do to solve these problems?

  • Initially, I was contracted to solve some immediate reporting issues in the admin dashboard, which I built a business logic layer to unify all queries to the database
  • Because of my low-level knowledge of Linux, I became known as the AWS Guru, and I built a system in AWS Elastic Beanstalk to reliably generate environments with our custom instances
  • Based off my AWS work, I became known as the Translations Master, where I built one of the best i18n systems currently on the planet--allowing human translators to iterate their work against a live version of the app, and generate accurate translations in 11 different languages

What outcomes are you looking for?

I have worked with developers all over the world, of many different skill levels and companies, and I'd rate my skill in the top 5%. On pure competence alone, this will prevent your business from being damaged by technical problems or lingering architectural flaws.

Beyond pure skill, I have a unique mix of low-level knowledge and artistic creativity--this has led to huge breakthroughs, such as the i18n system that I built, where we have a top-of-the-world system being built for 10% of the effort that a company normally might need to invest.